Paulien Huizinga

Paulien Huizinga , Dutch, started her career as a television presenter but found her true passion in photography five years ago. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a voyage of discovery that she could not stop. After a preliminary training at the Photo academy, she discovered that photography had taken hold of her in such a way that she knew for certain that she was on the right track. Practice, practice, practice, fall down, get up, try again, fall down and once again keep on going.Because: she had a dream!In the meantime she has found her own studio and style in which the strong woman, in all her vulnerabilities, plays a major role. Sensuality, sexuality, shapes and curves, you can find it all in her work, but above all she has the need to involve the viewer in her search for the Aphrodite in every woman – the goddess of love, beauty and sensuality, but never a victim of who she is or who crosses her path.