Laurence Laborie

Laurence Laborie is an in Paris living award-winning fashion and beauty photographer and she has worked with some of the biggest brands in her more than twenty years as a professional. She is widely considered one of the most influential fashion photographers of her generation. With a university degree in engineering under her belt and a modelling career in her rear view, Laurence Laborie never took her focus off the photo. As an engineering student, I was drawn to the technical aspect of it — I found it magical. I think photography is something I simply had to do — it’s a part of me.For me, true beauty lies in movement, which you get in fashion photography. I try to integrate that into my beauty shots as well.Laurence attempts to bring out an emotion or an attitude — be it confidence, sensuality, arrogance… Above all, she takes pictures that pleases her. For the viewer, she wants to give an intense feeling of desire.Today you can find her living in Paris and shooting for A-brand clients.