Dorina van der Graaff

Dorina van der Graaff has been a photographer, make-up artist and entrepreneur for more than 10 years. She specializes in fashion, beauty and portrait photography and she makes customized (photo) artworks for individuals and the B2B market. She has years of experience as a creative director and has introduced various ‘beauty and fashion’ concepts to the market, including her own cosmetics brand.   Creating is in her blood and even as a young girl she was busy painting and drawing, and dabbling in make-up and fashion. She developed her skills during her years at the art academy, where she completed studies in art history, drawing, painting and photography.   In her work she plays with various emotions and opposites, the attainable and unattainable, sensuality, mythology and religion. She is also known for her use of contrasting colour and her large compositions. With her artistic qualities, perfectionism and attention to detail, she creates unique works in which women always play a central role. Every woman is a goddess with her own special qualities and unique beauty.   She gets her inspiration from the fashion and beauty industry, art history, films, theatre, music, travel, and nature, but also from studies and meetings with personalities, artists, designers and entrepreneurs – many of whom are her clients.   You can admire Dorina’s work on this site, but it is also possible to visit her studio in Amsterdam, to meet her and see the works in person.