Daniëlle Guillonard

Daniëlle Guillonard was born under the inspiring energy of the rising star of European cities, the proud Dutch harbour city of Rotterdam. She grew up with the hollow horns of ferries in the backyard to far away lands overseas, that made her wonder... And with the stroboscopic hypnotising lights of the lighthouses that kiss the beaches of the shores of the Netherlands in the rounding rhythms of the delightful Dutch nights, that also made her wonder... Wonder what kind of images, what kind of stories, what kind of magic lied ahead of her. Her wondering and attraction to the performing arts and love for travel brought her in dancing theatres and in Paris that one certain night in '95. It was there on the shores of the Seine that her photography adventure began. She was a young 15 year old girl and the sight of a professional photographer near the famous Pont Neuf shooting a model woman planted the seeds for her artistic development, love and passion for the beauty of women and her successes. Daniëlle is a self-thought photographer, her soul and her work are on a journey that started in Paris and went from commercial to art portraits, from Rotterdam, to Breda, to London, to Haarlem, to The Hague, to Amsterdam and has now arrived in GOGELEINGALLERY.